Hanway, Mary "Theresa"

Gonna miss your achike Cherry Gravy Grandma, rest easy and enjoy yourself... till next time
Sincerest condolences to the families and all the relations of Theresa, what a blessed lady. Teresa was always so kind, a happy person, went to many a meetings at Teresa's home. The prayer's and time she gave to help others was a true blessing. Teresa always, "made room" for everyone. One time Teresa told me, "when things don't seem like there going right and you've been praying about it...well, pray harder" made me like it. With sincerest condolences, I pray our Creator gives us all blessings as our angel on earth passes to the other side of that moon, giving us all blessings as Teresa is now our angel in heaven. I believe Teresa is going to continue to pray for us all on the other side, bringing in that water, ha-hou Teresa, Huey Quiver, USMC
So sorry to this Great lady has passed . She always had a smile even when she was fighting all her sickness.My heart goes out to the whole family may god be with you.
My condolences in this time of loss and sadness.
Rest in peace Theresa.
God bless you and your family.