Alvarez, Antionette "Toni"

May her memory be eternal!
I love you, mom.
Toni, thank you for being there for me when I need someone or somewhere. You are a strong amazing beautiful women. May you be pain & stress free, your memory will always live on.! I will always cherish you like my other mother ??
I love you aunty . Rest in peace beautiful ????
I send my condolences to the family! She loved each of you guys and I'm truly sorry, no words can describe how I bet your feeling. Rest in peace!
We want to send our love and prayers to Marcos and my cousins. We might not be blood but we grew up together and i do love you guys. Every time I seen your mom, it didn’t matter. She definitely was happy or always crackin a joke. I’m so sorry for the loss of wife and mother. My mama was telling so many stories about your mom and they all were her showing her big heart. She spread love smoother than butter. Love you Toni , rest I’m paradise.