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When a Death Occurs

Can you ever be truly prepared for the death of someone you love?

As many times as your mind tells you that death is natural and inevitable, your emotions may never really receive the message. So when death comes, grief or shock can make it difficult to perform even the smallest task, let alone make all the decisions and arrangements for a funeral. That’s why it’s so important to have someone you can count on to help.

Since 1922, Fremont County families have put their trust in the Davis Funeral Home family. We can help by outlining the decisions you need to make and putting them into perspective. We can take care of most of the details and paperwork. And we can arrange everything involved in the funeral service. Just as we’ve been doing for families like yours for three generations.

Unless advance planning has been done, there are over 100 planning decisions and legal actions that have to be made within the first few days after death, which is often the most emotionally trying time. We understand this. And we believe that it’s crucial for us to provide your family with sensitive response and practical help with such tasks as:

  • Writing the obituary notice/placement in local paper
  • Reviewing funeral-related benefits for former military personnel – then coordinating or helping the family apply to proper agencies
  • Choosing register book, preparing and printing memorial folders, etc.
  • Checking and signing burial permit papers
  • Filing and ordering of death certificate copies needed for insurance and other purposes
  • Notifying clergy, if desired

Information and Items you will need. (PDF)
To Do List (PDF)