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Types of Services

Review your options and the different styles of services we have available. With nearly 100 years of helping Fremont County area families, we have the knowledge and experience to arrange any type of funeral service, in keeping with any religious or cultural tradition, and in forms as simple or as elaborate as personal preference may require. The most frequently requested styles of service are given below.

Traditional Burial

This is still the preferred choice for most families. We take care of all transport, embalming and other preparation. We can also help you choose the following items:
  • Casket – a wide range of styles, materials, finishes and linings are available in price ranges to fit any need
  • Vault – various styles are available, and choice will depend on cemetery requirement and/or family preference


Cremation has become the choice of a growing number of people, and for a variety of reasons. Some feel it is a more natural process than a burial. Others make the choice based on environmental concerns or because it fulfills a religious, spiritual or cultural tradition. Whatever the reason, we can provide numerous options:
  • Simple cremation and delivery of the ashes to the family
  • Cremation followed by burial or inurnment – with or without a service
  • Visitation service and/or a traditional service before cremation
  • Memorial service after cremation – with or without urn
We can also help you with all details, including your choice of:
  • Required cremation container – or casket, if visitation or a traditional service before cremation is desired
  • Urn – a wide variety of urns and memorial containers are available
  • Type of gathering and/or memorial service – before or after cremation, etc.
  • Arrangements for final disposition and memorialization

See how we can help you personalize your loved one's service.

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