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Kathi Dove

Kathi Dove

May 11, 1953 - Nov 27, 2013
Kathi Dove went peacefully to Heaven to greet her Lord on November 27, 2013. Kathi’s entire family is grateful for all the support and kindness of everyone involved in her life. Dedicated to always setting an example of unconditional love, Kathi had a life-long ability to show happiness with her innocent smile and greet family, friends, and strangers with a firm handshake and tender hug. The hearts Kathi has touched will forever be proof of her time on Earth.

Kathi loved anything Disney, white wedding dresses, the color blue, fancy wrapped presents, Christmas, Santa Claus, pens and paper, her birthday, and many other things. She took great pride in her skills in writing and using numbers, cleaning and dusting her room, wearing pretty clothes, taking pictures, listening to music, watching sports, doing her nails, getting her hair permed, and helping with cooking and chores. Special Olympics was a highlight of Kathi’s life and an accomplished athlete, won numerous gold medals in track & field and bowling. Kathi was her brother Kent’s biggest fan and on countless times brought tears to his eyes when she competed and won gold medals.

Born on May 11, 1953, in Colorado Springs, CO to Kenneth Raymond Dove (d. March 24, 1998) and Mary Beth Dove (d. April 30, 2011), Kathi lived a full and extraordinary life. Kathi is survived by her brother, Kent Dove and his wife Lydia (her special sister) and her niece Shelly Dove as well as maternal aunt Ruth Porter, Mitzi (her precious dog), and many family members and close friends across America. Please do not send flowers, but instead donate a new clean stuffed animal to the State Patrol, Sheriff’s Office or your local police department and donate them in Kathi’s name. As an alternative, donate to a child care center since Kathi loved little babies and children too.

Kathi always seemed to teach us more than we could offer to teach her and though she is no longer with us in body, her strong and youthful spirit will always remain in our hearts, continuing to inspire and teach us all the importance and beauty of each day.