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Brooke Lorraine Herron

Brooke Lorraine Herron

Nov 14, 1979 - Oct 16, 2014

Dear Brooke. This letter is written with a heavy heart. Please know that your mother, Kayci, Peter and I were deeply saddened at your sudden departure. However, God knows when a canvas is complete and we shall take great comfort knowing that you are in Heaven with your sister Nicci and Grandpa Jack. We are content knowing that you are in a wonderful place and no longer trying to comprehend life’s infinite abstractions.

Fundamental to grieving are memories. Sweet Brooke, you left us pregnant with many, many lovely memories. (Now remember Brooke, this is an obit, so NO you can’t control the show or what is written.) You were our oldest with a thousand frilly dresses complemented with your favorite ballet slippers. The Goldilocks that loved to sing Annie songs even as an adult and loved Disney movies. The southpaw with a burner fast ball who knew when to choke up on the bat. You were the left-handed volleyball gal who always rolled up her sleeves and grew to appreciate all sports as an adult. Indeed, you were the most beautiful girl who failed to recognize same. Your uncanny ability to rapidly absorb and retain data was incredible. How many times we witnessed you consume one or two novels in one evening.

You also had the innate ability to multitask with competency…a value recognized by your employers. You were always a classy lady who dressed well and refused to separate her wash into whites and colored. It was wonderful to see you utilize your education and life’s acquired knowledge to help friends with advice that was inspirational yet grounded. So many will miss your daily postings and insightful daily observations that were anticipated and coveted. For you, words were to be respected and thus, your erudite writings were as satisfying and insightful as a Van Gogh. You lived your life with such tenacity … to the point of being the walking definition.

Your loyalty was intense…in fact, rare. We are truly envious of your unique ability to find satisfying joy in a magnificent sunset or simple things that most of us fail to observe due to our cynical filters. And that you found your soul-mate and best friend, Peter, with synergistic results. What a couple. How we will all miss your Brooke’isms that defy contradiction such as “can’t know” or “just sayin” or “you rock”. Thank you for All the memories…they bring us smiles, tears and know that we will miss you every single day until we meet again. Frankly, it is hard to imagine what life will be without you.

Honey, it was an honor to share our short time with you. It was a blessing to have had the privilege to know and enjoy the life of our beautiful, funny, smart, incredible Brooke Herron. Your unconditional love, enthusiasm, caring nature …and oh, those piercing, stunning blue eyes will be forever treasured. Thank you God for our Biggest Girl, Brooke Lorraine. You will forever be in our hearts. Dad, Mom and Kayci.

Brooke Lorraine Herron, born November 14, 1979, was unexpectedly called to Heaven on the afternoon of October 16, 2014. While only 34 years of age, she was a grounded, loving soul …daughter and best friend.

Brooke was a Riverton girl. Born and educated here. Graduating Riverton High School in 1997, she went on to graduate Cum Laude from Colorado State University with a BS degree in Psychology. Her employment competencies included counseling at-risk youth, retail clothing store management, and bookkeeping. Her career ambition was to complete a master’s degree and continue to work with people in need.

She leaves behind her best friend and partner, Peter Carne, who personifies compassion and quickly understood that to survive in the relationship he would need to prepare all meals….or starve. Let us not forget her beloved cats Diegola and Teeny.

Brooke is survived by her mother, Lisa Larsen Herron; father, Hal Herron; sister, Kayci Herron as well as her grandparents: Fredene and Robert Donahoo, Harold Herron, Lorraine Larsen and many other relatives and dear friends whose lives she touched. Greeting her in Heaven is her sister Lisa Nicole Apodaca; beloved grandpa, Jack Larsen; and Great Grandma Ruth Wilson who is already chastising her for not becoming a concert pianist.

A celebration of her life will be held Friday, November 14th at the Reach Foundation from 3 – 6 pm. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to: Riverton Animal Adoption Agency, dba PAWS For Life, Box 1178, Riverton, WY 82501.