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Herbert 'Herb' Bowers

Herbert "Herb" Bowers

Oct 12, 1937 - Apr 22, 2024
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Herbert George Bowers (85) passed away on April 22, 2024, at Sage West Hospital in Lander, WY


Herb was born October 12, 1937, in Twin Falls, Idaho, to George H. Bowers and Almeda Louise Cowan, during the time the west was becoming a settled frontier, and he was born on the family farm.


Herb was baptized into the Catholic faith at Saint Edwards Catholic Church of Twin Falls, Idaho on November 7, 1937.


The family soon after moved to Colorado Springs, CO, where his father began work building power lines that spanned northern Colorado, up through Wyoming. The family then settled and created their own family farm in the Kinnear / Pavillion area, at a time when Pavillion was being considered to be a bigger town than Riverton. Herb had two older siblings, Edward Bower and Kathleen Whitecar. Herb had two younger siblings, Susan Wilkinson and Margaret Wells. For Herb, he had continued to remain on the family farm the rest of his life. Herb had attended elementary school in Pavillion, WY, and was kicked out of the first-grade class for having some words with his teacher, whom he was always in disagreement with. Herb said when he was allowed to give school another try, he quickly learned how to get along with people and keep his mouth from getting him into trouble, because attending school was so much easier than working for the neighbor farmers, working from sun up to sun down and getting his fill of farming, especially harvesting corn. Dad often joked that he couldn’t eat popcorn because he ate so much corn it was coming out his ears. But he did stay in school, never missing another day. He graduated from Pavillion High School in 1956. He graduated from Casper College with his AA Degree in Agriculture in 1958. He was drafted into the US Army in 1961 and was Honorably Discharged in 1963, his specialty of training was being a Wheel Vehicle Mechanic. Upon return home, to Wyoming, he then continued his education, graduating from the University of Wyoming in 1966 with his BS Degree in Agriculture. He then graduated from ICS Apprentice Training with his degree as a Maintenance Mechanic in 1974.


Herb married Caroline Friday May 12,1978, at the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Ethete, WY. They had three children, Rhonda Bowers, Margret (Brian Sr.) Williams, and Malcolm Bowers.


Herb worked many jobs to support the family and he was continuously traveling to places that had work. He dedicated 16 years to working for US Steel at the Atlantic City Iron Ore Mine, from October 1968 to January 1983, when the mine closed. He then went to work for the US Forrest Service, and would also work for ranches throughout Fremont County, before making the decision to relocate for work at the Phelps Dodge Silver and Copper Mine in Tyrone, New Mexico. Following the passing of his mother, the family decided they did not want to be in New Mexico any longer, so he moved the family back to the homeplace in Kinnear and he went to work for the Arapaho Ranch. Herb was successfully able to get 90% of the Arapaho land in Hamilton Dome transformed into quality producing alfalfa fields. Herb really enjoyed working alongside the Ranch Manager, Chuck Gambler. Later in life, after Herb had already retired, he decided to return to work and finished his career with Star Tech Inc, out of Riverton, WY.


Herb was a nature enthusiast. He found the time to be in nature, hiking the hills and mountains in search of arrowheads and following streams catching fish. He really enjoyed staying with and working for his sister Margaret and Chad Wells’ family at Timberline Ranch. He could build anything with his own two hands and often passed this knowledge to anyone that had the ambition to want to learn from him. He was an excellent gardener and found the greatest humor in trying to produce the hottest pepper plants for his niece’s husband, Waldo Sanchez. He was an avid hunter and loved that his grandson’s shared this passion. He looked forward to each fall, when the wind would cool, and the leaves would turn and hunting season was coming around. Herb often spoke of his daughter Margo and her husband and children’s hunting accomplishments. He was very proud when his granddaughter, Camryn, filled her trophy deer tag and when his grandson’s filled their moose tags and big horn sheep tags and that each year, they scored bull elk that were bigger and bigger with each passing year. He found humor in watching his grandson’s Brandon, Bob and Derrick compete against each other and his granddaughter Camryn soon joining this competition. He was thrilled to see a picture of his great grandson, Derrick Jr aka Chuckie’s, trophy prairie dog he shot this past fall.


Herb loved watching sports, especially baseball. He could also be found in the bleachers or on the sidelines, watching his grandchildren participate in sports or at home in his favorite chair watching his Colorado Rockies.


Herb never knew a stranger. He made friends with many people along the way. These last few years, his friend, Tom, would pick him up religiously 3 times a week to go have lunch in Midvale. Our family is incredibly grateful to Tom for doing this for our dad, as it kept his spirit alive. When Tom moved away about two months ago, his granddaughter, Camryn, started visiting him every day and took him to town to do his business and managed much of his health care, being his Certified Nursing Assistant, through 4 Corners Healthcare. The family is grateful to all the 4 Corners workers for their healthcare provided the last few years.


Herb had a sense of humor that could not be matched. He had the kind of love, that didn’t necessarily mean cuddles and hugs, but through phone calls he’d make to check up on you and wanting to make sure if you were traveling, your tires were ok and waiting for a phone call to know that you made it where you were going and that you returned home again. He relied every day on his daughter, Rhondie. He was a simple man. He was a thoughtful and prayerful man.


Herb had always encouraged his children to follow and learn their Arapaho Culture. He believed strongly in the prayerful ways of the Arapaho Tribe. He spent many years helping the family get their camps built for Sundance. He was very respectful of the Arapaho rituals and in joining a family that extended well beyond just being an immediate family. Herb was honored to be included into everything that the family could allow him in. He saw the true miracles of the healing power and held onto that prayer every day. He was very proud of his great granddaughter, Emilyahh FastHorse, who is the 2023/ 2024 Northern Arapaho Powwow Princess. He loved seeing the pictures of her travels throughout Indian Country, attending powwows, and was looking forward to attending the next local powwow to support her.


Herb leaves behind his children, Rhonda, Malcolm and Margo, along with his son-in-law, Brian Sr., his grandchildren, Derrick (Alannah) Williams Sr, Brian (Kyauna Dearman) Williams Jr., Camryn Williams, his bonus grandchildren, Brandon, Stacie, Shanel (Issac Jenkins), and Kristen (Pete Aragon) Williams; his greatgrandchildren, Emilyahh FastHorse, Nadia Williams, and Derrick Williams Jr., Layla, Mara, Violet, Luka, Sonny, KC, Surene, Korbynn, Brenna, Evan and Devyn. His sisters, Susan Wilkinson and Margaret (Chad) Wells, nephews Chris and Jerry Wells, Robby Whitecar and Dana and Sean Knifer, and nieces, Johanna Thompson, Dru Whitecar and Beth and Amy Knifer. His in-laws, Phillip Friday, Roberta Whiteplume and Everett Eagle Sr. His nephews and nieces, Carol, Velinda, Howard, Gerald, Byron Friday, Betty Friday, Karen and Robin Manderson, Katelynn Whiteplume, Vana and Everett Eagle Jr and many more nieces, nephews and grandchildren.


He is joined once again with his parents, Herb and Louise Bower, his wife of 41 years, Caroline Friday Bowers, his brother Edward Bower, and his sister, Kathy Whitecar.


He will always be known as dad, Uncle Herb or Grandpa Herb.


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Services under the direction of Davis Funeral Home, Crematory, and Monuments.