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Zane Daniel Donner

Zane Daniel Donner

Jul 2, 2002 - Apr 16, 2024

           Zane Daniel Donner


       July 2, 2002 – April 16, 2024


Zane, 21, at a tragically young age left us today to join his beloved Aunt Sharon R May, Uncle Gregory “Eggy” D Fricke SR.; both lost to cancer too early in life; Grandma and Grandpa Daniel C Donner and Marita I. Donner and his Great Grandma Irene Vian. He leaves behind so very many that loves and cared for him. He touched so many lives that it is hard to know where to start. His mother “mommy” Leisa J Donner, 4 baby brothers, Alexander J Corcorran, Michael J Baxter, Matthew J Widick, and Taylor D Venzor, and 2 loving Aunts M. Beth Donner and Penny A. Donner and his dear cousin Kala Douglass. Along with many other friends Dezz Truyen, and Cheyenne Don Longtine to name a few and family that loves and cared deeply.



Zane was born on July 2, 2002 at the Ogallala Regional Hospital in Ogallala, NE. He came to us during a freak rain storm that flooded most of the town. With a young single mother he experienced a unique childhood. They grew up together and learned about life together. He lived with his mom, Grandma, and Grandpa the first year of his life in Ogallala. Leaving Ogallala and most family at the age of 1. He spent his preschool and kindergarten years in Salt Lake City, UT and with year-round school he was able to spend time with his Aunt Sharon and Grandparents every 3 months. He was very blessed as they were his favorite people in the world and were taken from us relocating us back in Wy. Zane spent most of his life in Wyoming. First Cheyenne, Rawlins, Casper, and ultimately Fremont County. With Zane’s very fine-tuned observation learning skills he rarely “bumped his head” more than once before learning even if it was someone else’s actions he learned from. He was very smart and intuitive. He grew up mainly in Lander and Riverton Wyoming. Rarely did he meet anyone who did not grow attached to him. He had no problems making friends and fitting in. He did not always agree with rules though so he decided to join the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy, he graduated the program and received his GED at the age of 17. He enjoyed videogames, computers, automotives, hunting, fishing and so much more with a pass time of sleeping. He enjoyed making people smile. It completed his day. He loved tormenting his little brothers especially Alex and they all meant the world to him. He also enjoyed picking on his lifelong friend, his “mommy”. As he grew his favorite thing was to show her, he was getting bigger and stronger because she always told him that one day he would be so he would always come up behind her with a big bear hug and pick her up saying “Just so you know how big I’m getting mommy”. He loved his family a great deal and never grew out of the word “mommy” when she nearby as she was often when he was a child and teen. Zane had 2 stepfathers; Cody W Johnson of Cheyenne, whom he got his interests in aviation, weapons, and computer gaming and building and Michael J Widick of Casper, whom he picked up skills in repair, both automotive and construction. He loved to make his truck better. Zane could do anything he wanted as long as he wanted to. He never liked to be idle unless his 2nd existence kicked in, SLEEP, which he also loved dearly. That aided in his growth which he did well as his mommy told him he would. His recent career with his Pepsi family became a passion for him as well and let him explore his creativity building displays in businesses locally and he enjoyed his co-workers a lot. To Zane if you were around, you were family. If he did not get the “fam vibe” he stayed away. Zane accomplished so much in his short time and made a difference for so many people and this world seems so empty without his loving and caring warm-hearted presence. Zane was very much loved and cared about by so many people from coast to coast and you will forever be greatly missed and loved Zane. God’s speed to you, son. This too shall not pass, but forward we march.


                 The Giant Angel

                           By L Donner-Rogers


With the grace of a giant and touch of an angel

You came to existence changing so many

Your time though short was spent wisely

There was nothing that you ever did blindly


You took time and learned in every detail

The serious risks you knew if things would fail

 Taken too way soon and ends too loose

Our world just wasn’t ready for your taboos


Many left hanging in your tidal wave ripples

The pain felt when you left more than cripples

 But we will never forget your grace of a giant

 And forever we will feel the touch of our angel.