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Regina Magdeline Hill

Regina Magdeline Hill

Dec 15, 1950 - Nov 14, 2010
Regina Magdeline “Goat” Hill died Sunday, November 14th, 2010 at her home in Fort Washakie. She was 59. A funeral service will be held at 12:00 p.m., Wednesday, November 17th at the Rocky Mountain Hall in Fort Washakie. Burial will follow at the Sacajewa Cemetery. A wake will be held at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, November 16th at the family home.

Regina was a life-long resident of the Wind River Indian Reservation. She was a member of the Traditional Native American Church and was baptized LDS. She was a long-time participant of the Sundance and Sweat Lodge ceremonies. She taught culture for the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, including language, tanning hides and cradle board making. She earned her CDL and transported hay throughout the years. She also earned her certificate in Auto Mechanics.

Regina was an accomplished buckskin maker and was well known for her superior beadwork. She enjoyed helping those in need, especially those who were hungry. She supported traditional ceremonies with her cooking. She also loved basketball, pool and spending time in the mountains. Her greatest prize and accomplishments were her grandchildren.

She is survived by her children; Jacob and wife, Trish Hill, Michael Hill, Wind River and Little Wind Lebeau and companion Bobbie St. Clair, Austin Hill and companion, Sara Sankey, Fincillus Jorgenson and companion, Avis Broncho; grandchildren; Chiazza Tsosie, Aaron, Hunting, Hildred, and Lilliana Hill, Green Lee Burnett, Little Wolf Lebeau, Mo-dosh Hill; brothers; Stanford Hill, Sr., Boydie and Steven Tillman, Levi Surrell, Sr.; sisters Sterline Hill, Linda, Donna and Pearl Tillman; Uncles Dexter Aoah, Sr., Wilford Ballard, Wayland Bonatisy, and Willard Ballard; Aunts Mildred Weeks, Zethel Nephi, Rose Wadda, Lena Aaron, Angela Wagon, Pansy St. Clair, Roberta Engavo, Nelda Aoah, Rosie Bramen, Vina Ingawamp, Kathrine Shakespear, Faye Thayer, Sara Aoah, Helene Oldman, Ralphalita Stump, Irene Pingoree, Mary Jane Goggles, Matilda Bramen, and Ina Tillman, and numerous nieces, nephews and relatives.

She is preceeded in death by her mother and father, Stanley and Edith (Bramen) Hill; paternal grandparents, John and Tidze (Hugo) Hill; maternal grandparents, Archie Bramen, Rabecca (Wahgo) Hill and T.C. (Pinetree) Gould; Uncle and Aunt Dan and Francis (Soonup) Tillman, who raised her, Charles Soonup and Austin Gould; Grandmothers Milli Guina, Emili Hill; brothers, Wilford Hill, Sr., Mark, George, Mathew, Mitchell, Sonny and Mike Stacey; sisters, Loretta Hill, Angeletta Hill, Genieve Stacy, Stellia and Marie Stacy, and Merian Hill; nephews, Sonny Hill and Wilford Hill, Jr.; granddaughter, Takeyla Hill; daughter, Magdaline Hill.