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John D. Case

Case, John D.

To the family of John Case from the son of Lloyd and Darlene Frahm, from whom he rented in Riverton.

Please accept our warm feelings and rememberances of John, especially on behalf of my dad, Lloyd Frahm. He passed away one year ago today.

John had a special place in my dad's heart. He told me once that John could live in that house as long as he wanted, and the rent would never increase. He really appreciated it a few years ago when John asked if he could garden out back. He was ten times the gardener dad was, and both reaped the benefits - even more than was planted.

He also helped water and mow the family home when my folks were gone. And the last couple of years my dad couldn't see anymore, and John was a great help then, too.

Know that he will be remembered fondly - and that's from me - who only had a brief conversation or two with him directly, but who heard the love and respect my dad had for him.

God Bless,
David Frahm

David Frahm - 8/29/2007

Dear Jean and family,
It is unbelievable for me to realize and accept that your son/brother John has translated to a better place. It is sad for us all that his gentleness and kindness is needed elsewhere. I feel very fortunate to have become acquainted with your son. I appreciate his wonderful display of love and gentleness for his fellow folks (all of us). Having a child precede us depart from this earth is, for me, one of the greatest trials for parents to endure. I pray for you to have strength, endurance and acceptance to ease your loss. I hope that you remember how much joy he gave to this world. We know John is free of this earthly world. I hope we all can overcome our loss and that we can somehow continue his demonstration of how to respect, honor, and love our fellow people. We also know this world is a better place because of his display of gentleness to all who have been within his presence. Sincerely, sadly, gratefully, Darlene Frahm

Darlene Frahm - 8/29/2007

To John's family,
I'm Lloyd and Darlene's daughter, and have known John for about 9 years. He was always such a nice man, and I enjoyed getting to know him some. He helped me when I was in Riverton helping my parents. He is famous in our family for his garden. He was a great guy, and I can't imagine that house without John in it. I appreciate that he spoke so kindly of his family, and he was happy that his mom got to visit him. I am so sorry for your loss.

Gretchen Lamberth - 8/29/2007