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Robert D. 'Doyle' Bell

Bell, Robert D. "Doyle"

Family of Lionel Bell SR.
Lionel BEll
Becky BEll
Shawnte' BEll
Nataya Bell
Shiloh Bell
Be'enoo Bell

Lionel Bell - 12/13/2011

Family of Moneta Watan
Moneta Watan
Daniel WhiteBird
Alex WhiteBird
Robert Arthur
Laurene Arthur
James Arthur III

Moneta Watan - 12/13/2011

I am saddened to learn that Doyle has passed. We went through grade school at St. Stephens many moons ago. Those were some very good memories, and I know that many of those kids in our class will miss him. He had a very unique sense of humor that kept us laughing, his take on how we experienced our youth at school was special. His joking demeanor and "wild ways" were something to experience to appreciate him. Although he had problems, (but don't we all), his view on life will never be matched by any of us who knew him. He was a good friend, classmate, cousin, and I will miss him terribly.
My condolences go to his family, kids, brothers, sisters, extended relations, and aunts and uncles. I am so sorry I can't attend the services and please know that all of you will be in my prayers this season. There are no words I can express that can ease his passing, but know that he will be remembered fondly by me, for all the laughter he brought to this world. And I am certain those who went to school with him feel similar as well.
God Bless All of You.

Alan G. Warren Cheyenne WY. - 12/13/2011

My deepest condolences to Roberts family. He was a very kind man. He was always a gentlmen and treated me with respect. Im very happythat he had a big family. He always talked about how he wanted alot of sons for his warriors. Im glad he got his wish. We were both young n he had big dreams. He was a great friend. RIP my fren. God bless to his family and chhildren. Thank you for letting me know.

lavelle walker - 12/14/2011

Prayers for you all. Melanie J. Gambler and Family

Melanie J. Gambler - 12/14/2011

I will remember him for all the laughs he brought to us!! May you all find comfort in this, God Bless your family.

Anna Miller - 12/14/2011

Kay Antelope-Davis
Kelli Davis
Darryn Davis
Annalisa Davis
Qwanell Davis

kay davis - 12/15/2011