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Jayden N. Long

Long, Jayden N.

Dear Justin and Corinna,
I was very shocked and saddened when I read about the death of Jayden. You and Jayden are in my prayers.

Sincerely, Jim Hinkle

Jim Hinkle - 11/7/2007

Justin & Corrina,

Our hearts ache for you and your family. You are in our thoughts and
our prayers. Keep strong with God and he will deliver you through this.
Know that we care and love you. Hold on to each other for support and treasure Tegan.

Rick & Debbie Shepherd - 11/8/2007

Those we have held in our arms for a little while, we hold in our hearts forever.

Mommy & Daddy
by Susan Harper Simpson

Mommy and Daddy please don't be sad.
I miss you so much, too.
It's beautiful here where I am,
but I worry a lot about you.

I sleep with angels watching me,
there's only love up here.
I'm never lonely of afraid
'cause God is always near.

I walk with Jesus every day.
He's very kind and sweet.
Don't worry, Mommy and Daddy,
He holds my hand when we cross a golden street.

I never cry or hurt myself,
I see rainbows every day...
I play and laugh and sing a lot
and hear you when you pray.

Please, Mommy and Daddy, don't be mad at God.
You see, He loves me, too.
And, even though you're not with me,
I'm really still with you. Corrina, Justin & Tegan,

I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. I have known the love of my daughter for just seven months, but the love you feel in your heart for your children is like no other. I cry for you not knowing what to say, or do. Just know I am thinking of you, & I pray for you all. Take Care.

Kira Davis - 11/8/2007

Uncle Mike & Aunt Zondra Marke - 11/8/2007

We love you and pray for God to give you strength and peace.

Uncle Mike & Aunt Zondra Markle - 11/8/2007

Shelby Long Shepherd - 11/9/2007

Justin and Corinna I am sorry that I can not be there with you in this time of sorrow. The ship is the last place I want to be right now but duty is duty. You are in my prayers and in my heart. I have no clue what you must be going through. Just remember you still have Teagan to bring light into your lives. For I do not know what I would do if I ever lost Coltin. Tring as he might be he is still my world. I will always be here for you Justin. You and Cornnia. I will make sure I get you something from over sea's don't know what yet but something. Maybe I will get something from the pope when I go to Rome.

Love always your little sister

Shelby Long Shepherd - 11/9/2007

Dear Justin & Corinna,
We are so sorry for you loss, and in our thoughts and prayers. May God comfort you all at this time and know Jayden is in Gods hands and is at peace.

Uncle Bob & Aunt Peggy
Chad & Reese
Douglas, WY

Hopkins, Bob & Peggy - 11/9/2007

Justin & Corinna

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We are so sorry for your loss. Words cannot express how we feel, and there is nothing that can be said to ease the pain but just know that we love you very much.

With all our love,
Clint, Kathy, Kenny, Heather & Tacee Finlayson

Finlayson - 11/9/2007

Dan E. Long - 11/9/2007

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at the loss of your child and grandchild. Love and prayers,

Kay Witt & family - 11/11/2007

Justin, Corrina, and Tegan,

I was so sorry to hear about Jayden. You are in our prayers and thoughts. We pray that you will find the peace and comfort you need in God. Take joy in the blessing you have in Tegan.


Megan Webb

Megan Webb - 11/12/2007