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Darlene O. Sherek

Sherek, Darlene O.

My sisters and I have wonderful memories of the times we have spent with you. Even though our visits weren't as often as we'd like, we cherish the ones we had.

We will miss you Aunt Darlene!

Theresa Klopfer - 10/25/2012

Uncle Wynn- We were shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of Aunt Darlene. We have fond memories of family visits with both of you when we were young. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.

Rose Araracap and family

Rose Araracap - 10/26/2012

We were saddened to hear of Darlene's passing and want to extend our heartfelt sympathy to you. I will remember the nice visits we have had through the years when Darlene would be in the area, as well as the years we spent together as classmates. Our thoughts are with you.

Lois & Bob Lundquist Adams, ND - 10/26/2012

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Wendell as we remember and miss aunt Darlene. We were so happy to get to visit with you both this summer in Fargo. I remember how excited we were as kids to get to make the big journey to Oaks to visit. We will always have great memories of you both!

Janice Mortimer - 10/27/2012

Sorry for your loss. I remember when we use to visit after bowling.

Don McOmie - 10/28/2012

Wynn, we are so glad that we were able to visit with you and Darlene this August in Washington. Over the years as we got to know Darlene better we realized what a great sense of humor she had. I remember one summer in North Dakota when we were taking pictures of the Sherek siblings, she wanted to make sure that a picture was taken of the “outlaws” also. Another summer when we celebrated Christmas in July in North Dakota, Darlene gave all the men in the family “brief cases” as a gift. The “brief cases” were men’s briefs over a cardboard cutout of a case.


Larry(Bob) and Nancy Sherek

Robert Sherek - 10/28/2012

Uncle Wynn and Aunt Darlene-I remember you two as such a loving and happy couple. I love the extra care you took to make sure that over time you "pulled" all of our names in order to give us Black Hills gold for Christmas.

Uncle Wynn-my heart goes out to you. We don't know when we'll be born or when we will die. Our responsibility is just the life we live in between. I pray that you will continue to find peace and hope. Our home is open to you if/when you want to visit. Pour out your heart to God in this difficult time.

"Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to Him, for God is our refuge." Psalm 62: 8

I tried calling you last week but the phone just rang. Call me whenever---619-475-4472.


Holly Rucker (Sherek) - 10/29/2012

Wendall and family, So sorry to hear of Darlene's passing. We extend our sympathy to you. Our prayers are with you as you endure the loniness to follow death. My brother Ronnie Knutson in August lost his wife, Judi Jackson, to cancer after spending 3 1/2 months at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. She underwent a stem cell transplant but the cancer reappeared so aggressively there was nothing else the doctors could do. Bob Sando's wife, Ilze Vitums, died from cancer at age 63 about 5 years ago. Bob too said it is so lonely. Some family members and friends are taken from this earth too early. It is so hard to understand why some die too early and then there is Ron's aunt, Ann Lunde, who just turned 100 in March and lives at the Sunset Home.

Your mother was so good to our boys when she cared for them. We were fortunate to have her as a child care helper when we lived in Grafton. She was a special lady and so are you special. May the Lord bless you as we keep you in our prayers. We Care! With Love!

Karen Knutson Sando - 10/30/2012

So sorry to read of your loss. May you take comfort in the words of Jesus at John 5:28,29 where we are told of the hope of seeing our loved ones again.

sm - 10/31/2012

Hi Uncle Wynn,

My sisters and I gathered together with my parents yesterday morning in San Diego for brunch to honor Aunt Darlene. We shared pictures and stories and had a wonderful time remembering Aunt Darlene's sense of humor and your love for each other.

Love, Theresa

Theresa Klopfer - 10/31/2012

Uncle Wendell - So sorry to hear about Aunt Darlene. I am sure glad we got a chance to see you both this summer in Fargo. I will always have fond memories of Darlene. Her fun, joking personality always made family gatherings a lot of fun. I will continue to keep you and her soul in my prayers.

Jerry Narlock - 11/1/2012

Keeping you in our prayers

Rodger & Sharon Weitzel - 11/1/2012

Wendell I was sorry to hear about you wifes passing. You and her fanily are in our prayers. James & Annette Roth

James L. Roth - 11/6/2012