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Leonard Ingwerson

Ingwerson, Leonard


P.O. BOX 51804


Daddy, you will be greatly missed. I love you now and forever. I know in my heart that the good Lord welcomed you home, and now you are at peace, no more pain. Someday when the time is right and the good Lord calls me home I will join you then. Rest in Peace.. Avis L. Nash

Avis L. Nash - 5/6/2013

You will be missed always and remembered for all the great lessons you taught over the years. We won't say goodbye because one day we will meet again until then we will take care of ourselves knowing that you will always be watching over us.

Marinia & Kevin Norris

Marinia Norris - 5/6/2013

He was a Great Man and the times that I got to see him at Avis's house he was always telling us a story :) Condolences and Prayers

Shiloh (Meeks) Stevens - 5/6/2013

Over the years you, Leo, and I have became very close. Every time I called you knew who I was.. even if you could not see me. I was either on the phone or our thoughts were with you. You were a blessing in sheep's clothing, you had a rough exterior but once when you got pasted the sheep's clothing you were as tender as a lamb. May God welcome you to the biggest ranch around with open arms.
God Bless You,
Leo and Penny and family

Leo & Penny Ingwerson - 5/6/2013

Grandpa you left us with an amazing legacy to carry on you will be missed greatly.
Tulene & Marty Ruger & Family

Tulene Ruger - 5/6/2013

Avis and family my heart goes out to all of you right now I know how hard it is to no longer have a parent with us it is so funny as we are younger we need our parents then we turn into teenagers and young adults and think they don't know anything and then we get old and need them more and more in our lifes and reach out for the knowledge and advice. Just hold on to all those woderful thoughts and memorys you had.

karen Buckingham (Skidmore) - 5/6/2013

The last conversation I had with you was very nice. I wish you could have met my daughter. May you rest peacefully. Our thoughts and condolences go to the family.

Rebecca & Haylen Finch - 5/6/2013

I am so sorry to hear of Leonard's death, he was a kind and gentle person. I am glad to have known him when I was younger and enjoyed being with him and his family. Have you all in my prayers.

Leanna (Boyd) Putnam - 5/6/2013

I will miss You grandpa.

Jaycob Wayne Ingwerson - 5/7/2013

Grandpa I,
I am sorry for not getting to know you better. I really wish we could of got to know each other better. Sorry for your loss Mom and Dad. I am here if you need anything.

Linda Lewis

Linda Lewis - 5/7/2013

See you later Uncle Buss, we will miss you very much. You were there for me when my dad passed away, and I may have not thanked you then but please understand that I have always appreciated you being in my life. Love you..Tom

Tom Ingwerson - 5/7/2013

To Bus,

Is Anybody Listening?Alone with the raging in my soul,
I know not where to turn.
I have opened up to some,
But this raging makes me burn.

My heart and soul are screaming,
But I try to hold it in,
For, they make me feel I'm wrong,
That my hurt is like a sin.

I am fighting for a way,
To be not weak and small.
But my pain is not subsiding,
Please someone hear my call!

I've done what they have asked,
Tried going down their path.
But they know not why I'm hurting,
They haven't felt the wrath.

I look to them sincerely,
I TRY to help them SEE,
But, they just don't understand it,
So they choose to leave me be.

I long to just be normal,
Then maybe they'll accept,
The reasons why I need them,
The reason why I've wept.

The demons they hold strong,
As, they've broken my life down.
Are they afraid of these monsters?
Is that why they seem to frown?

I'm afraid to admit,
The help that I need.
I don't want them to know,
That in my pail I BLEED.

I have learned how to live
With many kinds of pain,
But, I will never let,
My husband die in vain.

Because he was unkind,
So many years before,
I think his death, they want me,
To move on and IGNORE.

Bus, can you hear me?
Can you please let them know,
That special part of you
That I just can't let go?

Is anybody listening?
Does anybody SEE?
Help me put to rest, my Bus,
Please help to set me free!

I will always remember the 54 wonderful years you gave to me. We have had our good times as well as the bad but we survived it together. Till we meet again.

Julie Ingwerson

Julie Ingwerson - 5/8/2013

I Am Thinking

I am thinking,
I wonder how long he will live,
I hear his heart beat,
I see him cry,
I want for him to never die.
I am thinking ,

I am thinking
I pretend to be happy,
but inside, I really feel sad,
I touch his hand,
I worry is he OK?
I ask myself, does he remember me?
I am thinking

I am thinking.
I understand no matter what someday he will die,
I believe that he's OK even though inside I know he's not,
I dream for him to stay alive,
I trust the hospital to keep him here with us,
I hope I can see him again.
I am thinking.

I will remember feeding him, touching his hand and kissing his cheek. I love you Grandpa!!!!
Korina Piza Ingwerson

Korina - 5/8/2013

In Memory Of Dad Ingwerson,

A thousand times we needed you
A thousand times we cried
If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died
A heart of gold stopped beating
two twinkling eyes closed to rest
God broke our hearts to prove he only took the best
never a day goes by that you’re not in my heart and my soul.

I know I am not your real daughter but I am close enough, I am your daughter-in-law, I have been in the family for better than 10 years and have cared for you and mom as my own considering my have been gone for so long. During our time we have spent together, the stories you shared, the family situation and all the good times. I will miss our phone calls, our one sided conversations and bring you goodies that you were not allowed. Remember you are still loved and very respected and most of all sadly missed.

Rest In Peace Dad, I love you.

Penny (Leo's wife)

Penny - 5/8/2013

Grandpa just a quick note to let you know I love you and you will be greatly missed by all of us. Len loves you very much and so do Junior and Angel. I wish you would of gotten to know your great grand kids better. They would remind you of Len when he was growing up. Love Missy Len Junior and Angel

Missy, Len, Junior, & Angel - 5/8/2013

My heartfelt condolences and prayers to the family of my uncle Buss. Love and peace and prayers to all of you from me, Joyce Castro.

Joyce Castro - 5/9/2013

Sorry to hear of this passing, my memories are of a good, strong ,caring man. Gods blessings to you all. Dolores Castro

Dolores Castro - 5/9/2013

My thoughts and prayers are with you all and specially hugs and kisses to the my wonderful Aunty Avis. When Buss lived with you we all got to know such a wonderful man. He loved kids and would always be playing with Taj, I remember Taj not knowing he was your dad. So he kept calling him dad and Buss never once corrected him. What a pleasure it was to have him in our lives. Erica & Taj & Nuvia
Casper Wy

- 5/9/2013