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Brad 'Bronco' Shaw

Shaw, Brad "Bronco"

Rest in Peace my love ........Martha

Martha Reynolds-Brown - 12/26/2007

Sue, Stacy, Chuck and family-
I was sad to hear about Brad. I'm so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys. Love you all

Leah - 12/27/2007

To Our Daughter Martha, Brad's children, family and friends,

Words cannot express the loss you are dealing with. Please know that we loved Brad as our own. Your family will always be an extension of our family. We are both grateful we saw Brad in his last months of his life. We will never forget the tears of joy he expressed to us to be able to show us his home and life in Mesquite and what we shared when we left. We know that he wanted us to come to join him up in Mesquite and to start a new life with Martha. If we could have changed things we would have to be able to have Brad with our daughter and with us. May you find comfort in the arms and the grace of the lord and to know he will see us all in heaven with him. We will miss Brad forever and pray you will find peace in your hearts.

Always, The Reynolds

Arthur and Rosemarie
(Martha's Dad and Mom)

Arthur & Rosemarie Reynolds - 12/27/2007

Brad... i miss hearing your voice and seeing your beautiful smile! i hope you find peace. my moms missereable without you. she kisses you picture everyday. when i look into her eyes i know shes thinking about you. i love you very much. Chuck and your family please stay strong you are in my prayers everynight. mom and i are here for you. with love-Lauren olsen

Lauren Olsen ( martha's daughter) - 12/29/2007

Brad-Im so sorry for not responding to your call from my way back from vegas.That is the last time i ever heard your voice and Im very sorry. I know you loved Lauren and I and we loved you too.I must say I never realized until you passed away how mich my mom loved you. She never uses th eterms the love of my life or soul mate to us and boy when I heard that come from her mouth I almosthit the floor.All my life my mom has been the rock nothing gets to her she a fighter and a strong women.Boy seeing and hearing her talk about the loss of you has devestated her.Im sorry she felt she needed to stay not only for my grandparents but her grandchildren too.I wanted my mom to be happy so please Brad well youre up there please take care of her.She needs you (not Now)give it a while but you will meet again as 2 basset hounds.Hey I even been betting on the broncos and of course Im getting killed oh well for you though.Thank you for being a part of our life.We miss you. Love,Eileen,Mike,Michael and Trever
Martha's other Daughter and Family

Eileen Laub - 12/29/2007

Sue, Stacy, Chuck & families,
I am sorry for your loss. It is a terrible thing for person to be so young and have life ahead of them. Know that you all did everything that you could to support Brad in his life over the years. We will all miss the twinkle in his eyes and know that he is at peace.
Love, Pam, Jill and Keith

Pam Dodson - 12/30/2007

You have taken your smiles with you to share with your loved ones gone before you. But we will hold your memories close in our hearts until we meet again.....may you be at peace my love...always yours

- 12/30/2007

Brad was a ray of sunshine to anyone who met him. His smile didn't stop at his lips, it went clear up into his eyes and sparkled! I will always remember his laugh, his enthusiasm for life, his love of golf and his pride in his kids. I will miss him. My love to Sue, Stacy, and Chuck and those wonderful grandchildren that he loved so much.

Jan - 12/30/2007

Although we can not be with you for these services, please know that our thoughts and prayers are with each of you during this time. Aunt Kathleen, Willie and Caroline Apodaca

kathleen apodaca - 12/30/2007

Ann (Schaefer) Payne

Ann (Schaefer) Payne - 12/31/2007

To all the friends and family of Bronco. I lived by, went to school with and had a lot fun with Bronco when we were in our early teens. He was a good friend. I was saddened to hear of His passing. I pray that the Lord will wrap His loving arms around each one of you and comfort you during this time and in the future.

With love and prayers
David Jevne

David Jevne - 1/2/2008

Brad's family would like to thank all those that shared in our loss. We appreciate all the prayers, cards, and words of feelings for Bronco.
We will treasure our memories of our beloved friend and father. Thank You.
Susan,Chuck,Stacy, and familyStairway To Heaven

What a beautiful sight,
When I first saw the light.
Then the Angels came,
Softly whispering my name.
As the Angels began to sing,
I felt sheltered beneath their wings.
I knew my time was near,
My journey was finally clear.
God was waiting for me, To set my spirit free,
I took the Angel’s hand,
Headed toward the Promised Land.
Each step I grew closer,
So I climbed even higher.
Up God’s Stairway to Heaven,
With all my sins forgiven.
Finally at peace.
All my love ……

Susan - 1/3/2008

Engraved Within My Heart

Precious memories of days long past,
Engraved within my heart to last.
The days of laughter and happiness,
Wrapped so neatly with tenderness.
Engraved are the words "I love you!"
And today they're still true.
I wouldn't change our time together,
unless I could make it last forever.
Time's just a gift given to all
While waiting to hear God's call.
Yes I'm sad yet I'm not mad,
I'm forever thankful for the time we had,
I see the smile upon your face,
Engraved in my memories sacred place.
Then I remember I'm very lucky,
to have the love you gave to me!

Sue - 1/3/2008