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Judy J Ahrens

Ahrens, Judy J

Our dearest Aunt Judy! Your struggles are done and you are home with the lord finally at rest and done with this struggle of this Earth and bound by a body that didn't allow you the Freedom you loved so much for so long! Just the other day we were talking... I wonder if you are belting out your favorite Song "I can only Imagine" to Jesus! Oh my dear sister of the heart!!!! You are reunited with your sister and you can whistle! I'm so excited for you darling. We are busy being selfish here and missing the time we got to share you on this Earth, but we know, Aunt Judy will be watching over the kids while they grieve for you. I'm so thankful we got that last hug, and that last kiss! I will ever be grateful for my time with you! God Bless sister! You have earned your time with the Father!

Joe, Karlee, Lesli, & Beau Zach - 12/2/2013

As Christians there is no doubt who greets us the moment we step across from this weighty, oftentimes painful existence and into heaven. Judy knows...she's there! Jesus met her and can you imagine the love? I know what earthly love is, and it is fickle at best. But the kind of love the Bible talks about is unconditional...I really can't imagine what Judy experienced the moment Jesus greeted her...the grin she has on her face as he took her hands and pulled her into a breathtaking huge hug and said..."Judy, I have been waiting here watching you since before you were in your mother's womb. You've made an incredible journey, and it was a tough one, but you stayed the course because you believed in me when it was the hardest thing for you to do. I was there beside you the whole time and I saw it all, and I felt your tears and your pain...I want you to know you have graduated to heavens doors...and wait till you see the banquet I've prepared in your honor, and meet all the guests I've invited to meet you...because you are my beloved daughter and I am so proud of all your earthly accomplishments my good and faithful servant!" I can only imagine...God Bless your journey lady!

Sheila Larsen - 12/2/2013