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Loren Anderson

Anderson, Loren

I will always remember the wonderful trips I took to see my Great Uncle Loren. I will miss him dearly and he will always be in my heart. My prayers and thoughts go out to Janice and my family.

Kayla Brand Gidley - 8/12/2014

We are so sorry to learn about Lore's passing. I enjoyed hearing all the stories he told and loved seeing his home decorated for all the holidays!

Bruce & Karla Hughes - 8/13/2014

With Love
Bonnie Jean

Bonnie Rhoads - 8/14/2014

Dear Janice and Family,
I have so many fond memories of Loren and you coming to Grand Junction to visit my family. Loren was one of my dad's favorite cousins! I always enjoyed his stories, visiting the cabin, and the trips you made to Denver to see us. Your 50th anniversary celebration was so special and I was happy to be there! May Loren rest in peace until we meet again!

Terry Kercheval - 8/14/2014

Dear Janice and family,
I can appreciate the loss of a longtime companion and confident. You have only one choice and that is to remember the good times from the past and look forward to the adventures that the future holds. I am sorry to hear of your loss but know that you will find new ways to serve others.

Jim Kirsch - 8/15/2014

Dear Janice, I was very happy to have gotten to know Loren during my 2007 time in Riverton. You always made me feel at home when I stopped in at your house, and I loved going out to his big building and seeing the items and projects he either had in the works or had done in the past. I'm sorry we can't be there for the service tomorrow. Bonnie is here at home recovering (very well) from hip replacement in the Cody hospital Tuesday.

May God bless you as you adjust to life without Loren here, but our risen Lord promises we'll meet again in His presence.

Love in Him, Joe Stewart

Joe Stewart - 8/15/2014

I will greatly miss the twinkle in Uncle Loren's eyes, seeing him smile, and hearing his stories when I make my visits to Wyoming.

Kathie Divers - 8/16/2014

Even though my uncle Loren is gone it won't diminish my 68 years of his smile, stories,and love of life from my heart. My first memory being at his wedding to Aunt Janice! Uncle Loren was always a cornerstone throughout all my ramblings, physically and verbally! He is well-loved.

Janice (Anderson) Wagner - 8/17/2014

My uncle Loren has been a cornerstone in my life for 68+ years. My first memory of him is at his wedding to Janice Gidley! His joy-filled nature was the building block of his personality and I will miss him, his smile and the gleam in his eyes. He'll always be in my heart.

Janice (Anderson) Wagner - 8/18/2014

Hi Janice,

We have had some great times together. I Hope you are keeping well. I know that Loren is having a great time in Heaven with the family. And, I know that he and Dick and Rick are having a super duper time together. Some day we will all be together and Boy Howdy, what a wonderful time we will have.

Take care. Talk to you later.
Love you,

Gwen Peckham - 8/19/2014

Stephanie (Peckham) Boughton - 8/20/2014

Janice and family,

First, I would like to send my love and condolences to you. I have always loved coming to visit you in Riverton. Some of my favorite memories have been with you and Loren. I will always cherish them. He always had wonderful stories and a smile on his face. May you rest in peace "uncle" Loren.

Love always,

Stephanie (Peckham) Boughton - 8/20/2014