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Addison, Peggy Sue

I knew Peggy when she was a young girl who lived on a ranch in Lander. I lived there also. It was my grandmothers ranch, and she took care of native american children and she got us, when our mother died. I knew Richard too, we called him Dickey for short, he was younger. Take care, I just wanted to say I'm sorry, I never knew what happened to Peggy, I see Richard around Lander every once in awhile.

Utahna Bourne - 2/19/2015

I took care of peggy for guère years .
i enjoyed laughing with her and going for walks .
she got cold easily so wé had warm walks in thé sommes.summer
thank you for sharing her . she was à kind hearted person

mary k. - 2/19/2015

Peggy lived at the Wyoming State Training School, I knew her years ago and she was a delight, always smiling. I will miss her.

Vicke Nelson - 2/24/2015