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Margaret 'Mickie' Daniels

Daniels, Margaret "Mickie"

Dear Kim and Vickie,

I just want you to know how very much I will miss your Grandma.

There were days when she would call me just to inquire as to "how" I was doing? Usually it would be on a day when I was struggling and feeling somewhat blue. She would share one of her unique insights on life and always make me feel better.

Whenever I would visit her home I would find such a peaceful atmosphere, the cares of this world would fall away and as we talked I would relax to the point I felt like I could go to sleep. Once she said, "Sister Bray why don't you just lean back and relax?" I said, "Mickie if I do, I'm afraid I'll fall asleep." She said, "Here use my blanket and take a nap."

Spending nights with her was like going to spend nights with my own Grandma. I got the best nights sleep, and I think she knew it. Who was looking out for whom?

I've never seen a home like Mickie's, my favorite color is green and seeing how beautiful it looks with blue, I now have a new favorite color combination, and possibly the workings for a new kitchen color scheme.

I will miss Mickie, I'm thankful she didn't suffer any longer. I'm truly amazed at her stubborn strength to live as she wanted to. Take care.

Sister Bray - 4/26/2007