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Katheryn I. Kenney

Kenney, Katheryn I.

Dearest Marcia and Mike,
I remember most fondly your mother and you as we were growing up across the alley. Wasn't it fun that you, Marcia, NettaBell, Drue, and I were all in Washington, D.C. at the same time? Small town girls in the big city. I hope to be at the service tomorrow to give you my and my family's best regards and condolences and to catch up on your lives. I have a previous commitment, but I hope to be able to leave early to join you. What a long, and I hope, happy and fulfilled life your Mother had.
Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. Sally

Sally Noah Caballero - 5/8/2007

Dear Mike and Marcia,

I am so sorry to hear of your mother Kay's passing. She was always such a friendly lady. She had a great memory and could place anyone or anythng with details and dates. Her picture in the paper was as I always remember her. Actually, she was quite ageless. As you recall, we lived down West Fremont in the 900 block and to this day I look at your white house with the white fence (which is no longer white nor is the fence!) and think of it as "the Kenney home." It must be that time in our lives because I lost my mother in August. I miss her terribly and I know it is the same for you. She loved you kids so and always spoke with great pride of your endeavors, achievements and families. I saw her last in Smith's grocery story many, many years ago. She had a dozen doughnuts as I recall and as always, had a big hello and smile. I will miss her. She must have loved being a grandmother and a great-grandmother. How happy you made her. Take care of each other. I hope to catch up at our next class reunion, Marcia.

In friendship.

Tanis L. Young-Manning

Tanis L. Young-Manning - 5/9/2007