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Fred Weber

Weber, Fred

My deepest sympathy is with you in this time of great loss. I as the Founder of the Oilfield Ironmen Brotherhood RC would like to reach out and let we as an organization have lost two beloved members of which I truly love and call my Brother and Sister. Both will be gravelly missed, But you will never be forgotten. Ride on my brother and sister in the Forever Riders Chapter of the Oilfield Ironmen Brotherhood RC.

Trace Big-Guns Chamberlain - 5/25/2021

Joe miller - 5/25/2021

Fred was a great guy. He was also a great father and grandpa. He will be missed alot. He was also a great worker. Prayers go out to the families.

Betty/ Rick Robidoux - 5/25/2021

Fred was such a great guy! He was a friend, father and grandpa to everyone. He would give the shirt off his back to anyone in need. He will be greatly missed. His heart is no longer broken and now can be with his beloved daughter Heather. Ride the heavens Fred!

Sue Maddelein - 5/26/2021

Scott & Debra Osborn - 5/26/2021

Dear Weber Family
My deepest condolences to you and your family. Fred was a a father, grandpa and he will be very much .

Linda Kay Carlson Remer
Casper Wyoming 82605

Linda Kay Carlson Remer - 5/26/2021

Cynthia, & Fred's family & friends, So very sorry for the losses you have had to deal with lately. Wish I had words to help ease your pain, only time will do that. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.
Sincere condolences

Merlene & Larry Hudson - 5/26/2021

See you on the other side my Friend

Joel - 5/26/2021

We are so sorry o hear about Fred. He was the kindest caring man. Anybody that came in contact with Fred was a lucky person. Wish that we could take the pain away from you all. Know that your dad will be dearly missed and that time will heal most pain.

Eileen & Chris brantley - 5/27/2021

Fred was a great person and friend.he will be missed. Love and prayers for the family.

Scott Scooter Standridge - 6/1/2021