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Raven Revere

Revere, Raven

May your spirit rest peacefully, Raven. I am glad to have been your friend.

Anjalene Catron - 8/25/2021

She was my best friend in high school. We caught up a few over the years and her kids are amazing. She will be dearly missed and was dearly loved

Tamara Dahlstedt - 8/25/2021

She was one of my really good friend for a little while. We went our separate ways when I moved away and things got difficult. But, she was an amazing woman and had great kids. She will be sincerely missed. May she rest in peace!

Michele Ury - 8/25/2021

I will miss my friend Raven she was a kind and friendly person I'll always remember her smile and our long laughs and conversation we had. She was a proud happy mother I remember how happy she was about her kids. My condolences to her family and children.

Tonya - 8/26/2021

Oh, my, Raven! My heart strings are being pulled.

Know that she is in the arms of angels and is dancing in the sky!

Raven loved her kids and would have done anything for them. She will definitely be missed by them, her family, and friends!

You are and we’re deeply loved by many!

Rest In Peace young lady! ??????????

Kate Roberts - 8/26/2021

You were the greatest friend when i needed it the most... you were an amazing person and honest and caring I Love You... and you will always be in my heart...
And Momma Bear says she loves and misses you.. Till we meet again Raven...
Rest in Peace Beautiful....

Andrew Gorman - 8/27/2021