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Wayne Leon Baker

Baker, Wayne Leon

I first met Wayne on the road picking up an airplane out of check in Rome, NY in 2006. We shared Minot AFB, ND as a duty station so difficult conditions were the baseline. His jovial nature ensured a great working environment and a pleasure to have as a mechanic on the road.
Then in 2012 we were together again flying out of New Jersey to Greenland, Azores and Honduras. His good nature helped as we worked without a loadmaster and we all shared those duties. I was always confident our aircraft was well serviced and maintained with Wayne on the job. Of course, on the road, Wayne had to do everything himself and managed that very well.
He showed the same great work ethic later in the year helping with difficult loads in harsh winter conditions for a week in November. From Kotzebue to Kobuk we managed to complete all six flights while Wayne kept everything working. Having Wayne on the job guaranteed a great outcome and a pleasurable tour.
I sincerely miss the opportunity to continue to work with Wayne. He was very genuine and kind. It was always a delight to see him on the line here in Anchorage. He made Lynden Air Cargo an better place.


I met Wayne in person at LAC, however we had both held the position of Chief Inspector at F.S. Air Service previous to joining Lynden, so we were able to joke about and share many stories of the "old five star" and those that had worked there. The last time we spoke, was during a casual encounter at Fred Meyer, and Wayne's health was in serious decline, however he remained upbeat and cheerful as always! God Speed Wayne, and to his family and friends, my deepest condolences.

Scott Gellerman - 3/16/2022

wayne we go way back to civil air patrol in torrington god speed my friend

casey roby - 3/18/2022

Our hearts go out to you and your family with the loss of your dear loved one. There are no words to take away sadness when you lose someone you love. In our time of deepest need the tenderness of God is a refuge like no other. He alone understands our sorrows and draws near in love to wipe away our tears
When my mother passed away, we found the resurrection hope very comforting.
May the resurrection hope sustain you. A loved one lost can grieve the heart, and makes us yearn for tomorrow, when Jehovah will keep the promise he made of no pain, no death, no sorrow found at Revelation 21:4.

Steve & Jane Ann; Lander, WY - 3/19/2022