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George Smith

Smith, George

I am so sorry to here of George's passing he was such a sweet man I truly enjoyed visiting with him Marilyn and sons just know I am so very sorry to here this god be with you all.

maxine Walsh - 4/22/2022

Our hearts go out to you and your family with the loss of your dear loved one. There are no words to take away sadness when you lose someone you love. In our time of deepest need the tenderness of God is a refuge like no other. He alone understands our sorrows and draws near in love to wipe away our tears
When my mother passed away, we found the resurrection hope very comforting.
May the resurrection hope sustain you. A loved one lost can grieve the heart, and makes us yearn for tomorrow, when Jehovah will keep the promise he made of no pain, no death, no sorrow found at Revelation 21:4.

Steve & Jane Ann; Lander, WY - 4/23/2022

George was such a wonderful insightful man. Truly enjoyed being able to visit with him. He always had such wonderful updates to give on his wife and family. He will be dearly missed by all who had the opportunity to know him. Much love and prayers to his family and friends at this time.

Karlee Larsen Zach - 4/25/2022

Marilyn and family we are so sorry to read about George's passing! He was truly an enjoyable person! May God be with you all and bring you peace!

Bruce & Karla Hughes - 4/25/2022

Marilyn and family.. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.. Bill Kilmer,Sheri and Krista.

Bill Kilmer, Sheri & Krista - 4/25/2022

What a great and caring man! His passing is a huge loss.

Bryon Mowry - 4/25/2022

Marilyn and family, I am so sorry for your loss. My sympathies.

Doris Quam Adams - 4/25/2022

We were sorry to hear of George’s passing. I have good memories of visits with you both throughout the years and know he will be missed greatly. May you and your family be surrounded by all the love and comfort you need at this time.

Lisa (and Ron) Quam Clouzet - 4/25/2022

So sorry for your loss. You and the family are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless.

Lori Quam Bremer - 4/26/2022

Marilyn, you know how I feel. George was such a wonderful person on many levels. We will all miss him. Mike and Mark I am there for you two also.

Ronald Quam - 4/26/2022

I’m so sorry to read about George’s passing. He was such a kind, generous and gentle man. Many prayers for his family.

Janie Nirider - 4/26/2022

Dear Marilyn, Mike and Mark,

I saw George at the Doctor's Office a couple of weeks ago and had a wonderful visit. As always he told me about Marylin, his boys and grandkids. He truly was a Family Man. Everything he did was for you.

Reading today in the news paper that George had passed really left a hole in my soul. George was always a great friend of reason to all of us at U.S. Energy. He really could cut through the confusion and bring everything down to earth with a "Georgeism"

His generosity to his friends knew no bounds. I will never forget when we had to close Sumich. We called George and told him which put a great deal of pressure on him because he had to tell all the men. We told him that we were trying to scrape together enough money to pay everyone but did not know how it would turn out. George's immediate response was "How much do you need. I have $100,000 that I can give you to take care of our people." Only George. Of course Jack, Mike and I told George thank you but we would get it done.

For such a big man he was very kind to everyone littler than him. Perhaps it was because he was raised by a loving mother and several sisters. George always had room to champion the underdog. Not only that but in his own way George was a very astute and intelligent business man. The only time I saw him stumble was one day when he was interviewed by the IRS - another time story.

As I have thought about George I truly believe that when he got to the Pearly Gates that Saint Peter looked him in the eye and said, "George you look like you have been "rid" hard and put away wet. Your kind are always welcome here." I believe that is all that was asked of George before he was admitted to heaven, and I am confident he was. He waits there now for the love of his life, Marylin.

I do believe that if I were able to talk to George there would be at least one more Georgism in him. Do not know what it would be but probably something like, "Scotty, that (death) really was not all that bad. You should try it."

Marilyn, Mike and Mark - this world is far less without your Husband and Father. We will all miss him. Heaven at the same time is a far better place with a man like George there. Lets all get there so he can greet us.

Scott and Dee Lorimer,

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the Service for George. I am in Billings working in the LDS Temple this week and then have to go to North Carolina for Autumn's PhD graduation. If there was any way, I would be there for you and George. Know that he will be missed. Thanks for sharing him with us.

Scott Lorimer - 4/27/2022

I am very sorry to hear about George. He was such a special man and we will always remember the memories.
May God watch over all the family during this time.

Darcy Clyde - 4/29/2022

We were so sorry to learn of George's passing. We have very fond memories of George throughout the years. I'm certain he is the only one that could call a person Fatty as a term of endearment and get away with it! He was a great man and will be missed!

Kevin & Laura Harrington - 5/3/2022