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Lela L. Hawk

Hawk, Lela L.

Ms. Lela you were among the first people we met when coming to Dubois in 1993. Went to Church with you every week and talked to you on the phone every day. Spent many happy trips to Lander and Riverton together. Spent many good times visiting in each others home . Among the most memorable visit was a 4th of July. You visited us, a complete re-show of Lonesome Dove began at 9am, we watched all day until 10 pm, then started again the next day after church, until 10 pm again, BUT we had seen all of Lonesome Dove again... You had forgotten to tell Michael that you would be at our place and he called all day those two days, thinking someone had "captured" you.

And too, we, you and Alice went through those bad days thinking we might how to close the Church, because we were the only ones left and very bare funds. We were setting at the church crying , and you began to Pray, I don't remember all the things said in the prayer, only the last words. "Lord give us patience, but hurry". You were so spontaneous with those words, Alice and I began to laugh. I have used that phrase many times since.

We will always remember you as a very dear person in our lives...Hillman & Mildred

Hillman & Mildred Herring - 4/16/2009