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Delores 'Dee' Hillmer

Hillmer, Delores "Dee"

Rest in peace sweet lady

Darlene Keldsen - 3/20/2023

Dee was the best neighbor a young mother could ever have had. Her kindness, generosity and love touched all of our family. She was like a sister to me. Rest in peace, dear friend. 

Gail Schilling - 3/20/2023

I was fortunate to get to know both Norman and Dee. In recent years I got to enjoy many visits with Dee. She would share her life stories and especially light up when talking about her family, her beautiful yard, her flowers, and how Roger done such a great job maintaining her enormous yard. She loved her egg salad (always a 4 inch) from The Bread Board, and she had many. 
I will miss you little Dee but I know your finally with Norm and Fawn your dear sister. RIP until we meet again!


Dave Skates - 3/22/2023

Lisa, You were such a good daughter to your Mom. We know you miss her but she is in a better place now. We are praying for comfort for you and your family.

Dick & Pat Cooper - 3/22/2023

My condolences to Dee's family, she was a wonderful lady, always had a smile and a helping hand.  RIP Dee, fly high!   Connie Hime

Connie Hime - 3/22/2023

God Speed, Delores Jean Jones Hillmer.   Miss you, talk to you almost every morning still, Dee.   Jane says you are my therapist after all of these years, wonderful years, and its true.   You were a light for me, for us kids, and i know you've heard this already so many times so i won't drone on.  Your guidance and patience with us kids as we grew up under your roof were exempliary.  Your stead-fast strength was a model of reserved intuition about how drama gets us nowhere.  I carry those, and many other, life lessons along in me to this very day.  You were a go getter, get it done gal.  Inspiring. I know Norm & Fawn are waiting on you, up there in the sky with his 10 gage hunting the honkers and knocking them down out of the sky.  Jane sends her love of course.  I think of you often, a mere month away from your 90th.   Rest in peace, Dee.  Till we break break bread again and share that award winning laugh of yours!  Cheers!!  Lander won't be the same.

Murphy - 3/22/2023

What a wonderful woman known to me as "Aunt Dee". She was so kind and always looked after others. I'm so glad to have had her in my life. God Bless her, may she rest in eternal peace.

Fawn Chandler - 3/22/2023

As my brothers and sisters reminisce about your parents, Dee and Norman, we keep coming back to their simply being the best neighbors ever. Your mother was generous and kind, and always protective. From being a nurse, she knew how kids could get hurt and would worry about all of us. When your family left California for Wyoming, my mother thought we'd never be so fortunate to have neighbors like that again.

Michael, Debbie, and Lisa, 50 years later, the family across the street still fondly remember your parents, and offer you our deepest sympathy.

David Moty - 3/22/2023

I feel like half of my childhood experiences took place across the street at Hillmers' house.  It was truly my home away from home.  Dee wouldn't let Lisa come out to play until she finished her chores, so sometimes I would help Lisa mop down the indoor steps or scrub and hose down the back steps because General the dog had left his muddy footprints.  Dee wouldn't let us swim without a "pool watcher," but what was most amazing is that she and Norm would let us swim in their pool almost as though it were our own.  I can't even count the bowls of cereal I ate over there or how many times we twisted the curtains around the living room swivel chairs to create forts.  What was Dee thinking when she let us overrun her house and yard?!  I have no idea how she put up with us, yet what I know is that her kind heart and soul hugged my childhood.  What a wonderful family, and what a fantastic matriarch.


Dianne Moty - 3/23/2023

Adding to my siblings comments, we all thought how wonderful it was to have Norm, Dee, and the Hillmer family as our neighbors. With 9 kids in our family, we most likely used the Hillmer pool more than they did. We would use it even without them. It was always an open invitation. They always made us feel welcome. My parents considered themselves very lucky to have such wonderful people living next door. Norm & Dee even let us borrow their station wagon when 3 of us needed transportation to college.  As my sister said, so many great memories of two wonderful, caring, and generous people: Norm and Dee Hillmer. The world was a better place with them. 

Leonard Moty - 3/24/2023

Oh, my word.   Such wonderful, wonderful memories of the time the Hillmers lived across the street from us.   I am still awed at how generous they were in sharing their pool, basketball court, and home with so many (and there were many) of us!!  I especially remember Dee's warm smile.  Her face would just light up in her quiet way.  And I am one of the kids next door who got to ride in your station wagon as we went off to college.   How blessed we were to have Norm and Dee in our lives.  Michael, Debbie, and Lisa  -- thank you for sharing your parents with us.   (((HUGS)))

Lin Moty - 3/24/2023