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Taylor 'Thumper' Farris, III

Farris, III, Taylor "Thumper"

Antonio Pingree - 11/13/2023

Jesse z - 11/13/2023

You'll be missed old man.  Safe journey!

Taris Clark - 11/14/2023

May the Creator watch over you, keep you safe, n' sound as you make your journay home. May the Creator watch your family n' friends. You surely will be missed by all. My fondest memories are of you staying at aunt B's n' being with my family, for a long time. You were "always" there when, we needed you. I considered you as one of my greatest friends & one of my brothers. I'm surely going to miss you Thumper. 

Christina Bell - 11/14/2023

Sending condolences to the Family n Friends of Thumper Farris. We had the opportunity to know him when he resided in our town of Taholah .  He was a policeman for awhile n a great carpenter to our people.  Always could count on him when we needed repairs on our houses.  He was a great friend n will be missed .  Thank you Thumper for being part of our Taholah Family.  Prayers for all who knew him .  Rest in peace   my friend n what a reunion you are having with your mom Mary n Brothers .  Thank you for being a friend to us n all who knew you.  

Ervin Obi - 11/14/2023

Prayers for your journey Thumper. Thank you for your dearly truest friendship. We've been friends & co- worker for years. During those years you were alway pulling pranks , joking, laughing and cooking it up. You were always teaching me things. My favorite is when we took a dent out of the jeep. I'm sure going to miss you Thumper. God bless you.

Rena - 11/15/2023

May his memory be eternal!

Fr Jim - 11/15/2023

My Condolences to family and friends of Thumper. May the Holy Spirit comfort you all. You left us with many good memories. You surely will be missed. We shall see you again on the other side. 

Rhoda Anderson - 11/16/2023

I am heartbroken to hear of Taylors passing, what an amazing person he was. My heart goes out to his family. My God Bless you all. 


Maxine walsh - 11/20/2023