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Lyndell H. 'Short' Tilley

Tilley, Lyndell H. "Short"

I got to enjoy Mr. Tilley when my husband was at the healthcare facility. He always a kind gentleman with a wonderful smile. What a pleasure it was to see his son and he interact and enjoy each other. Take comfort in the love you gave him.

sue givens - 12/25/2009

Dad was one of the neatest people I have ever knowm. Like all of us he had his faults but as a person he was a great guy and Dad. I admired him and always wanted to be like him in many ways. I spent every summer with him as a young child and absolutely as much as I was able to as an adult. The last few years I was able to visit him quite a bit, considering we always lived far away from each other. I thoroughly enjoyed the drive from Nevada to Wyoming knowing where I was going to and who I was going to see. I have a lifetime of wonderful memories with him, limited as it was in time. It was very special to me to have my daughter Rachel and my step daughter Melissa and grand daughter Breanna get to know him. They loved him too. Rachel and Melissa and Breanna and I were very excited to be able to join all the family this past summer to visit Dad, as it turns out, one last time. Each and everytime over the years that I had to leave him I cried for hours, even as an adult. I loved him dearly and will miss him terribly.

Richard Neil Tilley - 12/26/2009

Shane M Tilley - 12/26/2009

Billa L Tilley - 12/26/2009



to all surviving memebers of Shorts Family,

I am sorry for you loss, Short was a very fun and caring person over my lifetime. I have known him since the early 80's and have always enjoyed time spent with him, be it cutting wood in the mountains, my first rabbit harvest and my last, drinking short snorts, or just talking. It was great to know him and I feel it was all my pleasure to have known him. Sincerly

Mark Slatter

Mark Slatter - 12/30/2009

Hi Tracy and James, and Marge
Sorry to hear you lost your Dad, and husband. I remember many fun times we all had when we lived over by Hudson. Our thoughts are with all of you.
Your friends, Wanda and Rich

Wanda Eckhardt - 12/30/2009

Dear Lyndell, You were the best brother anyone could ever ask for. Even though we didn't get to see very much of each other in later years because we both traveled so much and lived so far apart, I will always remember the good times we had together. I always looked forward to your telephone calls every Christmas, every year. I love you very much.

Rita Mae - 1/1/2010