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Our prayers and thoughts go out Nancy and family. We are so sorry to hear about Lee.

Kerry & Jeanie Cooper - 1/21/2024

I am so sad to learn of Lee‘s passing. He was a very dear friend of mine. We were both members of the original eight ("The Dirty 8") students in Jack Humphrey’s inaugural ag program at LCCC in 1974. Lee was a hell of a cowboy and livestock hand, and I learned a lot from him. I am very honored to have known him and to have him as a friend. I will miss him dearly.

Buck McVeigh - 1/21/2024

Nancy and family,

I am so very sorry to hear of Lee's passing.   Your family is in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. 


I'm sorry to hear of Lee's passing.   My sympathy to his family and friends.  

Karen Herbst - 1/22/2024

Good man. In the veey first Ag class at Lccc

 He won many naruonak livestock judging awards at San Fransisco. Chicago,Ft Worth and Denver. Plus showing winning Simmental pens if five calves at National Western Stock Show

MikeMoyer - 1/22/2024

So sorry to hear about Lee. 

Helen Gordon - 1/22/2024

Excuse my miss spelling. I knew Lee from LCCC judging team. His ag teacher Arlan Carlson thought greatly of Lee . I went to RIngling Oklahome after Lee moved there with his parents where they raised pecans, backgrounded feeder calves and was one of the first herds of SimBra cattle which I saw. Lee was his dads right handman and they worked side by side they were idientical  in there sucess of the cattle ranch. Lee and his dad were hired to establish a cattle ranch on one of the islands in Hawaii for a year. Air lifting bulls and calves off the island.  I knew Lee his dad and mom in Wyoming and southern OKlahoma. Lee was the top individual in Beef cattle judging at the Californa Cow Place junior college contest and he placed in the top 10 indivual in Beef cattle judging at the very last Chicago International Judging contest. If he could say his reasons better he would of won much more. We still belive out team won more than any other LCCC team yet in only four natioanl contests. Never below 5th team in our very first year. Only eight in class and five make up a team.  Lee came back to Wyoming if find out bad news while in Oklahoma to find out the lost he very close friends and and another team members past. One of the last things Lee told me was how proud of both his sons one a state ffa officer and the other one was of high intellegence.  I lived near Nancy and her family at Pine Bluffs but never really talked to them. Both Lee and I were  honored to have Jack Humprey and his wife Shirley as our first college instructor and coach. Life is hell on me moving so far from my real friends.  Good luck Lee see ya soon.

Mike Moyer

Mike Moyer - 1/23/2024

Dear Nancy and Family,

I've thought about you so much since hearing that Lee passed on. I would've been at the service but I'm out of the country . 

I enjoyed Lee so much.  I was always struck by how much he enjoyed his family and his relationship with you Nancy.  Lees humor and laughter were infectious ! It makes me so sad he is not with us anymore. 

my heart is with you and wishing you peace remembering Lee.




Judith Minturn Rowles - 1/26/2024