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Lillie L Grasham

Grasham, Lillie L

Linda & Family,

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Aunt Lillie was the closes in age to my mom so they were very close growing up. I was told of the time Aunt Lillie pretended to be my mom and my dad didn't know the difference. So that is how much they looked like each other when they were younger. Aunt Lillie was always very special to me and my family,we loved her dearly and she will be greatly missed. Linda, thanks to you for being such a faithful daughter and taking great care of your mom to the very end. Also tell Chuck, the children(grand & great) thanks to all of them for the care and concern shown to this "in charge" grand southern lady. We all know she is at peace and resting today with her Savior. My prayer is that we will all be able to join her one day.

God Bless,
Love to all,

Judy Young & Family - 7/28/2010

We will all miss Aunt Lillie, she was such a shinning spirit in all our lives and shall be thought about the rest our lives as such a great positive influence of love. Our love goes out to the family.

Great neuphew,
Michael Young and family
Burlington, NC

Michael Young - 7/29/2010

Linda & Family,

I have so many memoires of growing up with you, George, your Dad and Mom. The wonderful senses when I came into your house. There was always a cake or a pie out of the oven. I remember eating corn on the cob in your kitchen when George or I had no teeth in the front. Your mother and dad just laughed at us, and I learned how to ride a bike in your back yard. Your mom and my mom, giving George and me "A GOOD ONE" for making mad pies and throwing at a cars. George had a good aim. I remember going to visit in Ca. and at her school. Your mom was always in charge. Your mom was always there in my mind and heart. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Aunt Lillie was always very special to me and my family, we love her and we will see her soon. I am making a copy of a tape that I have of mother and your mom talking about when they grow up. I am so glad I made it; I just have to put it on CD. Thanks for always being there for Aunt Lillie, you know that I know that is not always easy. Your mom was such a blessing and so are you. Thanks for all your family has done. We wish we could have been there to help you.
God bless you,
Rita, Barry, BJ, and Rob Crawford

Rita Crawford - 7/29/2010

Dear Linda and Family,

We were saddened to learn of your mother's passing and hope you and your family will find comfort in the fact you were able to have her close by for the last few years.

Dorothy & Gordon Vining - 8/3/2010

Linda,your mom and family was very special to me.I have only the best memories of your mom and family.I wish you all the best that life has to offer,Cousin,Thomas m Lynch

Thomas Lynch - 8/3/2010

Aunt Lillie will forever be in our hearts. My first memories of Aunt Lillie go back to my school days at Sterling Elementary. Aunt Lillie always had an extra smile for me in the cafeteria line and warmed the hearts of many of my classmates. Uncle Walt was our custodian at the time as well and it brings me some peace knowing that they will once again be together. Prayers are with you at this time of loss.

Carol Boon - 8/3/2010