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Eldine Haskins Page

Page, Eldine Haskins


I want to thank you for your life. you endured so much while here on Earth and made it through as best as you could. Thank you for having my father and accepting me and my siblings into your life. I am sorry that you were made to carry that burden which caused a certain pain with the birth of my father. thank you for being my grandma and showing me the love that i felt when i first met you 2 years ago.
May the Lord Jesus Christ bring you peace, happiness, joy, and love to the fullest. Thank you for loving us all.


Michael Paul Hill - 8/9/2010

Upon the day my grandmother passed away, the sky was crying for her. She went to the great sprit with beauty and grace. Asleep she went and never woke again. Every child of hers felt lonesome that fateful day and every ones heart shattered that moment. So small that even the biggest piece could only fit threw the eye of a needle. I should take comfort in the fact that she's in a better place. But I would let go af all that comfort if I could spend one more day with my grandmother.

Laabs Family - 8/9/2010

Sorry to hear of your loss.
May the Lord pour His Holy Spirit upon you and your family at this time.
We know she is in a better place with our Creator what a pleasure.
I don't mean this in a negative way I hope you understand.
God Bless you and see you soon brother
Your sis
Irene Enriquez

Irene Enriquez - 8/9/2010

My deepest sympathy for the family. May the promises in the Holy Scriptures brings comfort to you. The Bible promises one day soon, “God will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore” -Revelation chapter 21 verses 3,4. We look to seeing our dear loved ones again. Jesus promises, “the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out” - John chapter 5 verses 28, 29.

Rena - 8/11/2010