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Raymond Parman, Jr.

Parman, Jr., Raymond

I visited with Ray by phone a few days before he passed. I could tell he wasn't feeling well that day, but I didn't realize he was so near passing.
I am sending my sympathy to all his family.

Gail Gossett - 11/10/2010

Ray was a very dear friend to our family and we loved him. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

Darryl & Brenda Cadwallader - 11/11/2010

I have known Ray for many years as he was a dear friend to my grandmother, Helen Lookingbill. She looked forward to Ray stopping by her house for coffee and a game or two of cribbage. They had many conversations about books, the weather, the game of cards they had just played and of course archaeology. One of them always had a story about a particular piece and ther were lots of then to talk about.

I also had the pleasure of making travel arrangements for Ray to all the beautiful places he got to see. It was always such an adventure for him and he always came home to share his pictures and his stories.

Ray was a gentleman and it was a pleasure to have known him. My sympathy goes out to all of his family.

Marsha Anderson - 11/12/2010

Ray was a very dear friend of our family too. I worked with Ray at the Sundowner. He would always have a smile and a joke for me when I got to work. Ray was always happiest when he could take someone on an archeological hunt. He would take my kids to school on the cold days. After I left the Sundowner he would stop by and bring me a pack of gum,(he knew I chewed gum constantly) and tell me about his latest rock find :). My kids thought he was the nicest man, we are all thankful to have had such a dear man as a friend. Sincere sympathies to the family, you had a great man as a father, grandfather, great grandfather, uncle.

Kathy Cannan - 11/12/2010