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Paul B. Goedicke

Goedicke, Paul B.

To Paul's family-

I want to extend my sympathy. I had the good fortune of working for Gilpatrick Construction as their corporate pilot. Paul and I spent lots of time together as we flew from site to site, he usually as my co-pilot. He shared many stories with me as we rode along. I admired his ability to estimate a job without the use of a calculator before someone else could do the figuring with help. He will be missed. Hope he's found a good fishing hole up there!

Most Sincerely,
Bob Esser

Bob Esser - 1/1/2011

To Paul's Family;

Paul has been a lifelong family friend, especially to my grandparents, Clyde and Edith Cook. When my father (Clyde Cook Jr) served in Vietnam, my mother (Nancy Cook) and I moved to Riverton to stay near my grandparents and Paul was so good to us as well. I remember many family dinners at my grandparents house and "Uncle Paul" was always there to share the good times and throw in a few stories of his own - usually a hunting or fishing story involving him and my grandfather. I have fond memories of going out to dinner with Paul, my grandparents, and my parents and Paul would always order me a Shirley Temple so I felt like I was apart of the festivies. Paul was just that kind of guy.

When my grandfather became ill in Mexico, Paul was there and when he passed away Paul was such a good friend and source of comfort for my grandmother. Paul was there with all of us at her bedside when she passed as well.

On behalf of my family, please accept our condolences on the loss of your loved one. Paul was a great man to our family and will always be remembered that way.

Colleen Beitel, Bemidji Minnesota

Colleen Beitel - 1/2/2011

Dear John and Judy, Paul and Kathy ~~

Your families are in my thoughts and prayers concerning your father's passing into eternity.
He lived a long, successful and interesting life. Your tribute to him, which I read in full, was a good one.


Kay McCullough - 1/5/2011

TO the Goedicke family,

You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Linda Samuelson
Casper, Wyo

Linda Samuelson - 1/5/2011