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C.J. Bruton

Bruton, C.J.

Dear Grandpa,

You were such a wonderful father,husband and grandfather. I love you with all my heart, my heart hurts because I have lost you and it will never be the same until the day I see you again in heaven. I will always and forever hold onto every memory I have of you in my life. When mom and I came to see you in December I can't tell you how much my heart over flowed with love, to see your face and hear your voice telling me "I love you". Looking at my wedding pictures together and you telling me "Marc is a lucky guy and he is a good guy", to hear you tell me that melted my heart. If you could talk to me right now I know you would tell me to be strong and keep going and I will but, things will never be the same without you. I wish I could give you just one more hug,kiss and tell you I Love you, just one more time.

LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART GRANDPA, I will see you again one day!!!

Your loving grand daughter,
Jesica Lyn Durant

Jesica Durant - 4/29/2011

Dear Dad,
It's been a week now since you've gone to a better place, Heaven. I know your not suffering anymore, but there is an empty spot in my heart that will never go away! You were such an awesome Dad and Grandpa!!! With you not being here I feel like my strength is gone. You were always my "rock"!!!! What am I gonna do now? I love you so much and am so lucky to have had you to raise me to be the person I am today. Your hand in raising Jesi was so loving, Mace talks about you and remembers the way you picked and played with him as a little boy and no elbows on the table when you eat. To this day there's no elbows on the table!!! JoDaye remembers but we all were so far away and couldn't get together like we wanted but she did know who you are and will miss you!!!! My heart hurts so much, but I'll see you again and I know you were met by Nanny and Papa so your not alone!!!
Love you always,
your daughter
"Shorty or Jdee"
Joni Dee (Bruton) Stark

Joni Dee Stark - 5/1/2011


Well i cant say all the thangs that everybody else says, because ive only met you twice that i can remember. Ive herd alot about you. I wish i could have been around more so that i can have more thangs to remember you by. Even tho i never got go to see you, i thought about you and i miss and love you very much:) -Jo Daye Stark

Jo Daye Stark - 5/1/2011

Love is never lost and always found sleep easy grandpa bruton. Mace stark

Mace stark - 5/2/2011