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Delores L. Choyeski

Choyeski, Delores L.

Sandy, Frank,Wayne, Sylvia and Loretta...I want you all to know I am thinking of you and my love is with you!! I love your Mom and Dad so very much and I love all of you!! The memories I have of the Dances we had at your house and the times I spent with all of you!! I got to see your Mom when I was there last week, it was soooooooo good to see her...she said "Noma I didn't recognize you'". Time changes everyone so much through the years!! I am so glad I got to see her and give her a hug!!! Sandy, I was in Riverton for my nephews funeral last Thursday and my Sister, Jeannie came 3 times to see you and you weren't ever I know why!! I am so sorry!! I love you and your whole family!!! Love, Noma St. John Johnson

Noma St. John Johnson - 5/5/2012

Sandy, Sylvia, Loretta, Wayne and Frank and Families,

I just want you to know how sorry I am about your Mom!!I was in Riverton last week when Sandy and Sylvia were visiting your Mom and Jeannie, my sister, and I tried 3 times to see you but no one ever answered the door and now I know why!! I am so glad that I got to see your Mom and give her a hug!! She said she didn't recognize me, how time changes us, huh?? I want you to know that I loved your Mom and Dad so much, they were so wonderful to let us all come for parties every Friday night!!! Thank you so much for all the wonderful memories and I know she will be missed a LOT!!! I love you all so much, you are all like my own family and I miss all the great times we had!! My phone #: 719-638-9528 home and my cell phone is: 719-650-2746 It would be nice to stay in touch!!! My love and prayers, Noma

Noma St. John Johnson - 5/6/2012

We are sorry to learn of your loss. You are not alone in your sorrow, we care.

Ken & Carrie Sides - 5/9/2012

So sorry to hear of your familys loss. Hope that remembering all of the good times your family had together will coumfort you during you time of sorrow.

The Dale R. Choyeski Family - 5/11/2012