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Charles Klinger

Klinger, Charles

Thank you for saving me and treating me like kin. I'm who I am today in part to you and Darlene. I love you brother, see you again. ??????

Mike "Paddywack" Patterson - 4/29/2017

Chucky, You were a fabulous person & friend. That circle of love and craziness we all shared back in the day will never be broken. Until we meet again...

Rachael Wessels (Reagan) - 4/29/2017

I am so thankful that Mike was able to put us together long enough to make us all smile. It was good for me to write the words I never had a chance to say and for you to hear that there will always be a place in my heart for you. What a crazy mixed up time.

Thank you for the hugs, the back rubs, and the memories.

Your girl,

Monica Burke (Trice) - 4/29/2017

Always in my heart Chuckie. I love you brother. Creek Rats forever. Peace,Pot&Microdot?

Dan Dickinson - 4/29/2017