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Honeycutt, Arthur

Honeycutt and Ferguson Families
My deepest sympathy to you and your family. He will be missed very much from the Riverton community.

Linda Kay Carlson Remer

Linda Kay Carlson Remer - 5/26/2022

Our love and prayers to all during this time! He will be truly missed! Hugs to each of you!!!

Barbara & Mike Poggis - 5/27/2022

R.I.P. Art! You will be missed by all. I'm sure that Betty, Garry &Fred & so many others were so happy to see you arrive!! ?? Love you! See you again one day!

Stephanie Honeycutt - 5/27/2022

Condolences to the family. Grandpa was much loved and will be missed. May God bring you all joyful memories of him in times to come With much love Ben and CeCe

Ben & CeCe Smith - 5/27/2022

Arthur will certainly be missed. He had a humor that mostly he understood, but it rubbed off on everyone who got to know him. For example, If you don't like his driving stay off the sidewalk. He lost a son several years ago which caused deep grief. But his wonderful daughters stayed right by his side offering grace and encouragement. Arthur reared a great family after marrying a tremendous saint, Betty. We love the Honeycutt family. Some day, in the distant future, we will all be together again in Heaven. This time, he won't be driving on the sidewalks.

Mark E Morand - 5/27/2022

Many wonderful memories as kids of my parents and Art and Betty playing pinochle all night. Was nice to reconnect recently. Prayers and condolences to family.

Peggy Williams - 5/27/2022

Dear Family and Friends:
Our hearts go out to you and your family with the loss of your dear loved one. There are no words to take away sadness when you lose someone you love. In our time of deepest need the tenderness of God is a refuge like no other. He alone understands our sorrows and draws near in love to wipe away our tears.
When my mother passed away, we found the resurrection hope very comforting.
May the resurrection hope sustain you. A loved one lost can grieve the heart, and makes us yearn for tomorrow, when Jehovah will keep the promise he made of no pain, no death, no sorrow found at Revelation 21:4.

Steve & Jane Ann; Lander, WY - 5/28/2022