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Bruce Coleman

Coleman, Bruce

So sad to learn of this passing.  Bruce was always a pleasure to cross paths with at work.  He was awesome.  Super friendly.  Fun to talk with.  Always ready with a joke.  Wish he would have got to enjoy his retirement a lot longer.  He was ready for it.  Until we meet again good buddy.  

A CWC Friend - 1/18/2023

So sorry to hear the Bruce has moved on ahead of us.  He was such a joy to be around at CWC.  No matter the hour or where you met him in our daily travels on campus, he was always full of fun and had that big smile.  He always was wanting to help no matter how trivial the task.  I once needed water to make a pot of coffee for our evening computer class and was struggling to get the pot filled at the drinking fountain.  He stopped me, opened a custodial closet that has a faucet and filled that pot in seconds.  That was just the way he was!  He is truly missed.  What a great guy. 

Jan Jensen - 1/18/2023

I am so sorry to hear about Bruce. He and I would have wonderful conversations when he came in the Post Office to get his mail. I will miss that. Prayers for the family.

Kim Barham - 1/18/2023

So sorry to hear this news.  Bruce was a great co-worker for me at CWC.  When I came in on the weekends, I really enjoyed our conversations as he came by doing his work and would stop just to say hi.  I am very sorry for your loss.  Know that we miss him a lot at the college.

John Wood - 1/19/2023

Bruce, I will miss you my friend.  You were a pleasure to work with and always had a smile.  I will miss our conversations about faith, family and friends.  I will look forward to seeing you again.

Jason Harris - 1/19/2023

I'm sorry to hear about Bruce's passing. I enjoyed working and joking with him. He was one of a kind. Prayers and love for the family. 

Barbette Hernandez - 1/19/2023

I will miss seeing you stop by the office. I will definately miss the singing and conversation we had. I pray for your family. I will miss you. 

Charles B Carr - 1/20/2023