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Linda Douglas-Szablewski

Douglas-Szablewski, Linda

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family! Dan and Victor you have been by her side for a long time, through thick and thin! She was a wonderful and strong woman! She made many smile by sending birthday cards! 

Karah Stevens - 4/13/2023

Linda was a very special friend. I will miss her daily! She had the sweetest, most loving personality that brought joy to everyone around her. My deepest sympathy to the family and loved ones. Find joy in knowing she is with Dan once again and free from pain.

Margaret Peart - 4/14/2023

I am so happy I got to know her. She was amazing!

Whitney - 4/14/2023

Sherrie Williams - 4/14/2023

You will be missed Linda for your kindness towards others, your faith in people and your ability to see the best in any situation.  

Lissa Carroll - 4/15/2023