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Mildred Alison Whitaker

Whitaker, Mildred Alison

I will miss you very much, Millie.  Could always count on you to lift my spirit when we talked. Say Hi to mom and pop for me. Love you

Diane - 10/11/2023

LLoyd & Nancy Eckstein - 10/12/2023

Hiya Mom, where to start? I will miss you and cannot believe you've been taken away from us so soon.  I'm sure grandma and pops are happy to see you but sad for us here left with more time.  I remember meeting you (I was so nervous) and how you always had your nails done and decorated so beautifully.  I'm so glad to see you wearing kittens on your shirt 🥰 Remember when I wore mine after Bobby's surgery so that was the first thing he saw LOL  I miss our Perkins trips and coming over to the Norway house to sit and watch t.v. and chat with you and grandma.  I always laughed when grandpop would have his t.v. on and us girls would just chat over it lol  I couldn't have asked for a better just always wanted us happy.  You never "meddled" (as some say MILs do LOL) and just always had love to give and always accepted me wholeheartedly.  I am forever grateful to you for my most amazing husband. Speaking of, we watched a movie last night with Tommy Lee Jones, I remember him being a favorite of yours. Well, see you in a few days so please watch over us as we fly in (& out). Give Abbey boops and smooches. She just has to be by your side 🥰 Remember, we'll always have Tequila!  LOL  xoxo

Jenn - 10/14/2023

Start this by saying I love you and miss you so much already, I'm so sorry I didn't get to visit while you were still with us. We take comfort in knowing that you are now in no pain and without worries with your mom and pop looking over the rest of us here. Until we meet again be at peace.

Bobby - 10/18/2023

My deepest condolences to the entire family!!! Barb, I'm here if you need anything at all!!! 

Christine - 10/19/2023

MIllie  was an awesome person and great friend to me for many years. Then you moved to Colorado and we still kept in touch, and then you moved to wyoming an we lost touch.  Always in my thoughts and prayers.

You alway had a way of making anyone  feel better about themselfs. 

I know you are now with your parents and many others you love. I also know  your are watching over the people you love still walking the earth.

Millie, my friend rest in peace.  You will be missed.


Joan - 10/19/2023