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Robert D. 'Bob' White

White, Robert D. "Bob"

Dear Raelene & Family,

What can we say? Our hearts and prayers are with all of you. If there is anything that we can do for you, please don't hesitate to call. Your family and ours has intertwined in many events, some happy (births of grandchildren, school events, Christmas sing-alongs, band concerts, Shamra in CNA class), some not so happy ( Robby & Joe visiting me in the ER on different occasions, atleast I was able to get the score of the game). We only got to visit with Bob on those occasions. Again, if there is "anything" we can do, now or in the future, don't hesitate to call - we are here for you & your family. Home 856-1261, Tim's cell-851-5765, Lynn's cell-851-7706.

Lynn & Tim Thompson
& Family

Lynn Thompson - 7/14/2007

I would like to offer my condolences. Even though I've only met Bob once or twice, I have heard wonderful things about him. I know my dad [Corky] enjoyed driving with him and had a story to tell me about their trips every time I spoke to him. I just wanted to let you know that your family has been and will continue to be in my prayers. I hope memories will help ease the pain at this time.

Teri Pickinpaugh - 7/16/2007

Raelene, I am truly sorry for your loss to you and your family. I grew up with Bob and he was forever kind. I didn't realize he had the wreck until late last night and have been praying for your family ever since. God Bless.

Karlee Larsen- Morse - 7/17/2007

I am currently living and the caretaker for my mother, Jeanette M. Wright in S. Charlotte, N.C.

I knew all of the kids and am so sorry to hear of Robert untimely death. I remember Robert when he was little...kind of shy...but he had the most beautiful smile as I see he still had in adulthood by the picture listed in the obit. Robert's countenance was his best asset...he was a sweet wonderful child. My son Jim and Dan would play with him when we would go over to his house on N. 8th...the girls would play with his sister Glenda...and sometimes Shelley...but she was still little then. Unfortuneately time gets away from us...and as our lives mine did when I divorced...I have lost total touch with each of the kids...but it wasn't intentional. I still love each of you...and am sorry I never got the chance to tell Robert what I wonderful boy he was when he was smaller. I have been taking care of my mother who had a stroke three years ago leaving her with 2/3rds of her brain...and during that time I have been most cognizant of how important it is to tell people...especially those close to much you love them and enjoyed having them in your life. I want all the kids to know I still love them and would enjoy hearing from them if they have the time. I will be praying for all of your kids as you go on with your lives...and without a doubt, Robert is in heaven with our Heavenly Father. My deepest condolences to each of you and Robert's children and family. Love, Sheila

Sheila L. Larsen & Jeanette M. Wright - 7/17/2007

Please know that you & your family have been in my prayers.

Mark F. Uhl - 7/17/2007

I am reading and not believing. Bob is one of those stand up guys you read about and never think you will meet. We will miss you Bob.

Linda Kracht - 7/18/2007